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It's all about intimacy.

We know how it feels to be lost and disconnected from self, others, & our creative path...


From discovering your true self and awakening your authentic desire, to reigniting your creative spark for life and love, sustaining health & passion in relationships, and beyond... we have been there before and we are here for you now!

We deeply value authentic evolution through conscious intimacy and know that sustaining healthy relationships takes work - starting with healing the relationship with our self.


As devoted Kundalini Yogis, Somatica® Institute graduated Sex & Relationship Coaches, & Certified Mystic Master Teachers (AAOH/AAOP Lvl 6) with over 30+ years of combined experience in psychedelic preparation, exploration, and integration, we have an abundance of professional and practical tools to help you connect to your deepest self, awaken your authentic potential, navigate modern relationship dynamics, and develop self care practices for manifesting your desired relationships and experiences.

Relating in daily life can be challenging. In our practice sessions, and within the boundaries of the Somatica® method, you get to feel in real time what it is like to experience and practice authentic intimacy and connection.


We use a variety of practical tools to support your transformation in a wide range of intimacy, relational, and spiritual topics such as:

  • Awakening to Spiritual Relationships

  • Deepening Intimacy with Self + Others

  • Somatica® Sex & Relationship Coaching

  • Exploring Energy Cultivation + Movement

  • Traditional Kundalini Yoga & Tantra

  • Psychedelic Preparation & Integration

  • Psychedelic Recovery + Pain Management

  • Microdosing Coaching

  • Conscious Cannabis Coaching

  • Couples Work + Psychedelics/Cannabis

  • Breaking Cycles of Codependency

  • Identifying Growing Edges & Boundaries

  • Identifying & Deshaming Desires

  • Conscious Uncoupling & Mediation

  • Reconnecting After Abuse, Loss, & Grief

  • Empowered Dating & Relating

  • Sex & Intimacy with Neurodivergence/Disability

  • Thriving in Committed Partnerships

We serve to guide your way to inner fulfillment and deep satisfaction with all of your life, relationships, and experiences. 


Start connecting to your ultimate desire &

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The Golden Hallows

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