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Psychedelic Integration Circles

A safe and supportive place for deep transformation and healing.

After a life changing or consciousness altering experience, integration is the active process of aftercare.

Psychedelic Integration Circles are safe and welcoming places for people dedicated to the work of deep transformation & healing, and for those who work with psychedelic medicine as a part of their practice.

Hyperspace Portal Master Key (Original Art by Hyperspace Sky)

All beings and feelings are welcome.

This is a diverse circle of psychedelic practitioners and conscious truth seekers gathering in authentic community, and confidence, to support and offer encouragement on our unique journey to deepen our expression and connection in this life.

In our personal practices & relationships we may experience intense or profound shifts in awareness & even sudden changes in our lives. These experiences can be difficult to explain to others in daily life. Being present and opening up to share authentically about our experiences, & listening to others, can widen our perspectives and allow previously unseen insights, solutions, and tools to surface on individual & collective levels.

A welcoming space for people to discuss entheogenic use in a healthy way, for psychological healing and spiritual growth. We offer gatherings in-person monthly in Jacksonville, OR.

Mt. Kailash (photographer unknown, stock image)

In-Person Integration Circle

7-9 PM, Every 4th Tuesday 

at Elevate Medicine Collective

225 E. C Street, Jacksonville, Oregon

More dates and locations coming soon!

Curated by Sky Hrothgar
 "High" Wizard at The Golden Hallows & Founder of The Hyperspace Academy


“Hyperspace Sky” Hrothgar is a multidimensional wizard who has spent his life immersed in exploring and navigating intimate relationships, psychedelic mysticism, creative recovery, and authentic expression as a neurodivergent artist.


Sky is a devoted Tantric & Kundalini Yogi, professional sexologist, and psychedelic integration coach who specializes in translating the mystical for practical application, clearing stagnant energy and trauma, revitalizing health, & expanding intimacy to holistically heal, thrive in ecstatic relationships, and consciously explore the mysteries of life, love, death, and beyond.


Sky practices, teaches, and coaches invincible self care, personal mysticism, psychedelic integration, kundalini yoga, and relationship & intimacy magick to others.


Sky lives in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon on his Mystical Family Farm & Regenerative Sanctuary - The Golden Hallows. He loves time with his family and many animals, exploring nature, organic farming, making bass music and psychedelic art, holding magickal space with others, pushing the edges of human consciousness, and deepening his study of life, love, death, and beyond.

This is not therapy. This is a community circle for healthy individuals who are looking for additional resources to support their growth. This is NOT intended to be group therapy nor any form of professional therapeutic intervention.

We don't encourage or condone any illegal activities.  DO NOT come to the circle looking to purchase, sell, share or use

any illegal substances and DO NOT share information about illegal activities.  You may be asked to leave if you do not comply to this request. Thank you for making sure that our circle stays safe for everyone.

A group circle is typically not a place where you would experience coaching, guidance, or personal 1:1 support, so if you need more in depth support for deep trauma and healing, please reach out for a free discovery call here.

The Golden Hallows

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