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Donate to The Golden Hallows

At the Golden Hallows, we believe in the 3 fold power of charitable giving.

We encourage a culture of giving by donating food from our organic farm to the community and offering free gatherings, classes, and services.

Being a disabled couple living independently, owning a farm, & with our first baby, we are always looking for support on our regeneration efforts, renovations, emergency maintenance & preparedness, cost of living increases, and development projects to protect our sanctuary, home, and family's well being.


What donations are used for:

  • basic living and utilities costs

  • roof replacement for our home

  • medicine/healthcare expenses

  • property fencing

  • medical bills

  • home & property insurance

  • property tax

  • emergency maintenance (electrical, water, and plumbing)

  • operational costs/labor

  • wildfire protection

  • animal/ pet feed

  • seeds and plant starts


Every gift, of money or time, makes an incredible difference to our family, our sanctuary, and our vision of a healed and healthy planet.


Give a one-time contribution online, donate in-person with time on the farm, or join our membership subscription. Any donations received go directly to the upkeep of our healing spaces, regeneration of our property, continuing our free community gatherings, and directly support our family.

We deeply appreciate your direct support.

Give: Give

The Golden Hallows

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