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Somatic Spiritual Life Coaching & Embodied Alchemy Portrait Sessions

HELLO, my name is TAYLER 

As a professional model of 11yrs, dedicated Yogi of 15yrs, Crystal & Feather Jewelry Designer, Watercolor & Clay Artist, Somatica Intimacy & Relationship Coach of 2yrs, and lover of all things nature, crystals and outdoors, I am here to guide you towards embodying yourself fully, lovingly, and authentically.


Allow me to help you (re)discover your true self and live your best life through Somatic & Reiki Healing, Spiritual Life Coaching, and Embodied Photography. 

Welcome to my service page where you can learn more about what I offer, my professional, educational & personal experience, and a little more about me.

My favorite thing is to leave people with an unforgettable feeling of love, acceptance and joy. 

My Offerings

Somatic Spiritual Life Coaching

Somatic Spiritual Life Coaching is a sensation-based style of coaching which lets the body and spirit lead you through healing and catalyzing growth on a personal, mental and emotional level. Spirituality and Somatics are two powerful tools that can help us heal and find balance in life. By understanding how our mental, emotional, and physical bodies are interconnected, we can address our needs, traumas, and dysfunctions in a holistic way. With the help of a Somatic Spiritual Life Coach, we can learn to attune to our bodies and experience life with more energy and vitality.


Whether you're going through a major life change and experiencing growing pains, celebrating a monumental life change or simply commemorating a special moment in life, together we will dive deep into the wisdom of the body, unraveling frozen tension with free expression & expanding pleasure as you desire to be seen, heard and loved. In that way we can move towards our goals and dreams, fully resourced & alive as we were divinely meant to do. This is your birth right!

Embodied Alchemy Portrait Sessions

Have you been inspired by a major life change and want to memorialize it with photography? Feeling insecure or anxious about how to communicate those feelings in a photoshoot? Needing some experienced guidance and encouragement?

An Embodied Alchemy Portrait Session is ceremonial by nature and will ground your unique evolutionary path with the present moment through embodied self awareness and free expression. These soulful portrait sessions are intended to put you into direct connection with your individual life story while providing a sacred space for deep connection, healing and self celebration.

Alchemy is defined as the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary.  Embodiment is the expressive actualization through our bodies which becomes tangible and visible as a way to move energy. 

 It is how we turn the challenges life presents us into joyful play.


"The point is to channel the reclamation of our truest, most spontaneous, joyful and creative self at the core, this goes beyond healing." - Tayler Star, 2023

What's Included when I Book an Embodied Alchemy Photoshoot?

Why Book an Embodied Photoshoot with Me?

These deeply personal portrait experiences intend to document a specific moment in your life’s journey! They can be done as a right of passage coming into a newer version of yourself, or to mark a solar return, or any other major life transformation you desire to celebrate & preserve. Creative shoots are equally welcomed! 


These portrait sessions are for you if:

~You are wanting to celebrate a specific milestone in your life

~You are looking to explore and express an untapped part of your soul

~You are wanting to heal from a past trauma or transition in life through the art of photography and somatic work

~You are experiencing a right of passage in your life and want to artistically commemorate it

~You are seeking a creative deep dive into what makes you come alive!

~You've always wanted soul inspired portraits that fully celebrate you

~You're looking to come into deeper contact with your body's innate wisdom

~You want to gift someone a transformative portrait experience

"The energy, the safety, the creativity and the authenticity from Tayler during my photoshoot created such momentoous space that I was free from all thoughts in my head. Having a somatic coach show up for me along the way, I felt prepared for the photoshoot, ready to be seen in all parts of me. I was raw, vulnerable and excited all at the same time."

Andrea Mandrigues, Southern Oregon, 42

Get Inspired

About Me.

Over the past several years Tayler has been passionately pursuing her love as a Somatic Intimacy & Relationship Coach, Tantric & Kundalini Yogi and Golden Light Body Reiki Healer for women, mothers and sensitive souls. Tayler received her Bachelor's Degree in Clinical Psychology from Western State Colorado University in 2013.  From there she explored Crystal Bowl Sound Healing from Leigh Ann Phillips and the art of Reiki Energy Healing through Rosemary The Celtic Lady. the  Together this unique set of combined skills in the container of an empowerment photoshoot offers a powerful healing experience into an artistic physical expression rooted in attunement, authenticity, and acceptance that you can remember for years to come. 



Clinical Psychology, BA

Western State Colorado University


Somatic Intimacy Coach & Guide

Somatica Institute 

Briefly describe your degree and any other highlights about your studies you want to share. Be sure to include relevant skills you gained, accomplishments you achieved or milestones you reached during your education.

Briefly describe your degree and any other highlights about your studies you want to share. Be sure to include relevant skills you gained, accomplishments you achieved or milestones you reached during your education.

The Golden Hallows

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