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a hyperspace academy at-home group trip

a hyperspace academy at-home group trip

Donation based Safe Space*

Donation based Safe Space*

Join Ꭲне Н¥РᎧᎡᎦPΔᏣᎧ ΔᏣΔᎠΞΜ¥ & our cosmic crew on a

new kind of psychedᎧlic group adventure!

A specially curated psychedᎧlic paint party from the future!

Enjoy your favorite mystical sacraments & sacred candies, from the safety & comfort of your home set & setting, while tuning in LIVE in real time with other cosmic travelers and hyperspace friends to explore chaos & order through a trippy night of finger-painting and multidimensional expression!

Tools for this trip:

Acrylic paint

Disposable gloves


Trash bag / Floor protector

Towel/paper towels

Paint Brushes

Clothes you can get paint on

+ anything else that calls to your creative spirit!

*Our Paint & Play is a donation-based mystical safe space where all beings & feelings are welcome!

Suggested donation of $22-44 per cosmic family member 👽

No one is turned away & all can come to play, regardless of ability to pay!

Connect to YOUR inner child & joyful artist within!


This is not therapy. This is a mystical & religious art ritual for healthy members of our community. We do not condone any illegal activities. Please keep our spiritual community & practice safe.

DO NOT come to our practice looking to source or sell illegal substances or services, you will be ejected from the portal and all future entry will be revoked. If you are in need of 1-1 hyperspace support please contact Sky here and set up a FREE 45m Blast Off consultation.

The Golden Hallows

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