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Ahoy cosmic traveler and fellow truth seeker!

Welcome to The Hyperspace Portal!

This is a multidimensional arena for practicing, expanding, and integrating conscious awareness. a direct channel for creative consciousness to flow in its authentic vibration, intended to serve as a safe and secure location for all beings, bodies, and identities on their path of conscious evolution. A hyperspace basecamp to train, adventure, and integrate your unique creative experience through life, death, & beyond!

The Hyperspace Portal officially opened on 01.01.2024

 and is constantly expanding, updating,

& consciously evolving.


More resources & updates are being added daily to the three arenas to

support efficient navigation in all your hyperspace travels.

All preliminary practices within The Hyperspace Academy are optimally organized and made available free of charge in The Hyperspace Portal via the Practice Arena. Here you will find the necessary basics for all future hyperspace adventuring into more advanced practices, intensives, journeywork, and meditations. This preparatory training will serve as the stable foundation from which flows your authentic & unlimited potential. These resources include introductions to awareness through a multidimensional lens of Samkhya philosophy, essential yogic self care practices with detailed instructions, and expanded instruction and accessible modifications for the different components of The Hyperspace Sadhana. New instructions and content is being added daily, so if there is an aspect you feel you need more support with, and do not see it currently, please reference the FAQ, check back tomorrow, or reach out directly with your questions or concerns and I will be glad to help you navigate!

Practice now!

As your consciousness begins to open and your energy amplifies & expands, with the consistency of practice, and as you advance within your experience, you may feel called to explore deeper & to adventure further into the wonderland of your own consciousness. In the Adventure Arena you will find more in depth & expansive lectures, practices, meditations, and other resources including: pre-recorded yoga classes and series’, advanced tantric practices, guided at-home medicine ceremonies, psychedelic rituals, and at-home intensive trainings & retreats. These more advanced skills & resources can be obtained "al-a-carte" for individual purchase, or through one of our monthly subscriptions. Full & unlimited access to the Adventure Arena is included for all seekers & students who are undertaking 1-1 or group training and coaching with The Hyperspace Academy.

In the Integration Arena, you will find additional resources for stabilizing higher conscious awareness on your Hero’s Journey, by anchoring your newfound skills and intimate awareness into your daily life and relationships. Integration is the conscious aftercare following a life changing event, gaining new awareness, or having an experience of altered consciousness. Integration is where our transformation substantiates and the process of healing transforms into being healed. The resources in this arena include: online & in person community integration circles, The Hyperspace Integration blog, & The Hyperspace Sadhana. I also highly encourage, 1-1 integration coaching with me via The Hyperspace Academy.  Please reference our coaching testimonials below to glimpse into the potent potential of working with us in a 1-1 container!

Please visit The Hyperspace Academy page to view our different coaching packages, booking availability, and to set up your FREE 45 minute Blast Off Session today!

Working with Sky has been transformational in all aspects of my life. I have experienced a reset professionally, financially, relationally, physically, and spiritually - all paths to fulfillment are so much more clear and attainable. The most valuable gift of the work has been that I am able to access the well of love that exists within me in a very real way. The heroine’s journey has led me through the gauntlet of inner demons and painful truths to the glorious light that is my Home. Sky has been my courageous guide standing next to me, encouraging me and showing me the way as I walked.

He does his inner work, he doesn’t just tell me how to do mine."

D.L. / 52 / Washington

The Golden Hallows

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