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The Hyperspace Academy's

The Hyperspace Academy's



5.03-5.05  |  6.07-6.09  |  7.05-7.07  |  8.02-8.04  |  8.30-9.01  |  10.04-10.06

48 hr MYSTICAL Immersion

The Hyperspace Academy's


is a deep dive into the wild & mystical nature of the modern multidimensional man.

An explorative & integrative weekend with other conscious brothers, fathers, & sons who are seeking to find balance within relationship, relax into their authentic embodiment, & reach their highest potential of Self in service of All.

A Hyperspace Academy Journey in cosmic brotherhood diving deep into SELF Initiation, visionary Men’s Work,
& Psychedelic Leadership Training.

A weekend of conscious play, practice, & integration to open to our own hearts story & tune to our authentic vibration as we enter the flow and take our roles in the Divine Play.




Through the aeons of human consciousness, boys have passed through the natural portal of shamanic initiation to adulthood awareness; to take responsibility for their unique role in the Divine Play of life, supported in True love by other awakened brothers & fathers. In our disconnected & distracted modern society, many men have missed out on this Rite of Passage into conscious manhood with their peers. Our weekend starts on Friday with casual introductions & socializing, a cosmic pizza party, psychedelic cinema, & sharing intentions - setting the stage for our adventure in brotherhood as we leave modern society behind.

Intimacy & Self Initiation

Being with ourselves & each other transparently empowers us to face the path ahead with courage & gives us access to our inner wisdom. Our authentic play & practice will quickly reveal our current level of mind, energy, & body. Greeting our growing edges consciously, & with compassion, opens the door to honest transformation - as we offer authentic support and heart medicine to each other. Our full day together includes a morning cacao ceremony, yoga sadhana, & a day in the flow of divine play in preparation for our futuristic shamanic group medicine journey dawning at sundown.



Integration is our individual return from our hero's journey together, how we apply what we have learned about ourselves & Path from our expanded experiences, & start to make positive changes in our daily lives that are aligned with our heart's story. Integration is the process where the transformation is made concrete in reality and the awareness from our mystical immersion begins to live & speak through our being in our daily life and relationships. Our weekend concludes with a 2nd sunrise sadhana followed by powerful integrative practice, a final group integration circle, & an optional cold plunge in the Rogue River.

Limited to 11 Conscious Brothers each camp

Who is this campout for?

  • All male identifying beings ages 21+ interested in exploring psychedelic mysticism &  future shamanism

  • All Men, Sons, Brothers, & Fathers who are looking for conscious connection in brotherhood

  • Men seeking honest accountability in their lives & relationships

  • Men looking to uplift & support other men on the path of awakening & self realization

  • Men looking to step into conscious & psychedelic leadership roles as fathers, teacher, guides, or healers

  • Men looking to explore their natural creative potential & expand their perspective of awareness

  • Men who are in need of more healthy & conscious inspiration from like-minded peers

  • Men who are called to lead with love or who are already leading in their local communities 

  • Men who want to grow in relaxed ways to build resilience of body, mind, and spirit


“Hyperspace Sky” Hrothgar is an awakened psychedelic leader, consciously embodied masculine, multidimensional mystic, & futuristic shaman.


As a young boy Sky was initiated into native shamanism by 1st nation medicine men & other mystic healers. Having naturally awakened kundalini & a gift for the mystical arts, with an expansive curiosity of the unknown, Sky has always been connected to the greater vision of the human experience which is free from conflict & violence and deeply in tune with all of life - inside & out.


Growing up in the western model of society proved extremely challenging without support from illuminated elders. In childhood, Sky was a rebel in school & the groups he was a part of, bringing excitement & mysticism through a deeply connected sense of intuition & radical self leadership. Following his deep sense of knowing, Sky would be called into the woods with other campmates to explore intimacy through play, mystical visions, and intuitively forage for smokable herbs starting at age 8.


Starting leadership & wilderness training at the age of 14 at a co-ed overnight camp, while simultaneously starting to expand his consciousness with cannabis, sacred mushroom, & mystical study, Sky’s path to leading groups of people & conscious seekers in sacred setting with authentic confidence and conscious awareness was catalyzed.


After a deeply revealing, and unsupported, shamanic experience with sacred mushrooms at 16, Sky was potently awakened to his role as a multidimensional mystic & shaman of the future. After a couple of destabilizing & non-consensual LSD overdoses (+2000ug) at age 19 - without the proper role models, care, or integration support - Sky knew he was being called to step up for safety & support in the psychedelic space as a leader for others who were looking to explore these amazing sacraments in conscious ways. For the last 18 years, Sky has devoted his life to holding safe + sacred space for individual + group preparation, exploration, and integration of the mystical experience.

your Mystic guide

High Wizard of The Golden Hallows & Founder of The Hyperspace Academy

Now Sky serves the collective as a Psychedelic Minister of The Golden Hallows, Mystic Master Teacher, Certified Tantric Kundalini Yoga Teacher, & Futuristic Shaman who specializes in spiritual emergencies, mystical translation, clearing stagnant energy and trauma, revitalizing health, & expanding intimacy to holistically heal, thrive in ecstatic relationships, and consciously explore the mysteries of life, love, death, and beyond.

Apply for camp now!

Please indicate which date(s) you are applying for in the message section below.

Thank you for applying! We will make contact soon!

This is not therapy. This is a group experience for healthy individuals who are looking for additional resources to support their spiritual evolution & growth. This is NOT intended to be group therapy nor any form of professional therapeutic intervention.

This is a mystical rite & religious ceremony for members of The Golden Hallows Church. We don't encourage or condone any illegal activities. Please DO NOT come to camp looking to purchase, sell, share or use any illegal substances/services and DO NOT share information about illegal activities.  You will be asked to leave if you do not comply to this request. Thank you for making sure that our camp & sacred site stays safe for All.

Our special events & group fundraisers are not typically places where you would experience 1:1 coaching, guidance, or support. If you are need more in depth support for deep trauma and healing, please book a Hyperspace Integration session call with Sky here.

The Golden Hallows

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