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Conscious Medicine Journey


All of us deserve healing, health, & happiness...

and the experience of trust, love, & divine connection.

We can be truly held as we change, grow, & evolve...

as our authentic desires & creative spirit come alive...

with conscious awareness in real time practice.

Move beyond healing & into your bliss!

Are you ready to awaken your full creative potential in life, love, and beyond?  The future of bliss & connection is here now, all around us. It takes practice to attune to higher frequencies and consistency to stabilize our consciousness in new patterns of being, thinking, and doing. Gaining conscious awareness of our choices, and their outcomes, to guide our evolutionary journey, is our key to the life of our ultimate design. 

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Why have an Intimacy & Spiritual Integration Coach?

Awakening to more conscious awareness & creativity? Looking for mental & emotional clarity? Moving through challenge, trauma, or grief? Processing a life changing or consciousness altering experience? Seeking deeper conversations + connections? Desire more intimacy, passionate love, and divine union? 


As Somatica® Institute graduated Intimacy, Sex and Relationship Coaches, we help individuals develop better awareness about their choices, patterns, and the social conditioning of intimate relating to find healthy balance in attachment with their partner(s), while maintaining individual authenticity and practicing skills that enhance eroticism & connection in a judgement free, confidential container. 

Nature Meditation

Both freedom and fulfillment can be found on the path of Yoga. Learn a combination of traditional Tantra and Kundalini practices that are meant to meet you where you're at within your current ability. These transformative practices will awaken you to your inner wisdom, radiance, and ultimate potential - helping you to holistically heal and connect deeper with your unique creativity.

Integration Reflection

Integration is the aftercare & stabilization process after a life changing or consciousness altering experience. Whether you are navigating grief, feeling called deeper into meditation, want to explore the benefits of a psychedelic practice, or are processing a big life change, integration coaching can help you land on your feet with practical tools and skills to beneficially stabilize your newfound awareness.

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The Golden Hallows

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